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Band history

TANTAL was formed in 1998, but at the beginning it referred Draught (till 2001), then New Reality (till 2005). Style of band constantly developed and changed: from Heavy Metal up to Thrash-Death and now it represents Progressive Melodic Thrash-Death.

Founders of collective and its permanent participants are Alexander Bessilin (guitar, vocal) and Michael Krivulets (bass). Later Dmitry Vjalov (drums) joined them.

 In initial structure the band successfully acted at various festivals and concerts. After that the structure varied some times, as a result Dmitry Vjalov left the band, and Dmitry Ignatyev (guitar) joined them (in 2001). The concert program was prepared, but concerts passed with drum-machine. Soon Dmitry Vjalov came back and the band gave the series of successful concerts, and also wrote demo of several songs. But after some time the drummer again left the band. In a short time Vitaly Ilyin, from the band called Finist, replaced Dmitry Vialov but despite it the group gave a lot of concerts with him and prepared new, more complex material.

 In 2004 the present drummer joined the band - Vyacheslav Gurovoj. The old material is improved and the new material is written with him.

 At the end of 2005 for the personal reasons Alexander Bessilin left TANTAL. Attempts to find the second guitarist proceed for some months but without any results. During this time Sofia Rajkova (vocal), has joined the band, and Alexander Bessilin also came back to the band.

  Band promo-cd "Emotional distress" has come out in January of 2007. Now the new material is actively being prepared for a coming conceptual album.