With every day my hope fades away.

Dreams are oppressed by cruel reality.

I don’t believe in the better life.

Depression prevails, I see nothing.



Something inside does not give me rest.

It orders me: “Finish your quest!” 

Suicidal thoughts are in my mind.

It drives me mad; I can not bear this torment.

There is no force to suffer but voices are calling.

Suicidal thoughts are in my mind.


I’m slave of my destiny; my life is a pain.

I see no rescue and there’s no escape

From this horrible thoughts.

They shout in my head and send me damnation.

I see terrible dreams, I feel devastation.

I’m going to commit suicide!


Oh, God!

I can’t find the reason to live.

Hey, God!

Don’t be so high! I don’t believe

In lie

That surrounds me all my life.

Hey, you!

I’m going to leave this world behind

Leave this world…behind


I’ve lost myself in chaos of life.

Cruelty, hate, evil and lie

Takes us down, kills ours mind

It is a slow poison, mankind is blind.


Lifeless existence has come to an end,

Torments are fading with gun in the hand.

And Death is taking her extraction:

One shot, silence…