TANTAL was formed in 2004. Founders of collective are Dmitry Ignatyev (guitar), Alexander Bessilin (guitar, vocal), Michael Krivulec (bass), Vyacheslav Gurovoy (drums).

In 2005, talented singer Sofiya Raykova, has joined the band. Her voice has become essential part of the band's music.

At the beginning of 2007 the band recorded promo-cd "Emotional Distress". Music on this album is a mix of melodic and aggressive Death Metal with progressive elements, and of course there is an excellent female growl sometimes changed by clean voice. After that for the personal reasons Alexander Bessilin left the band. Now, Alexander Strlnikov (from the band Stentorian Voice) takes up a place of the second guitarist.

In the end of 2008 the first album "The Beginning Of The End" was recorded!

The music of the d?but album "The Beginning Of The End", recorded in 2008, is an original mixture of Progressive, Death, Thrash and Modern Metal, "spiced" with gloomy conceptual lyrics. One of the best sound control supervisors, Eugene Vinogradov ("Day-Records" studio), who has worked with loads of famous Russian bands and German legend "Crematory" was responsible for sounding of the CD.The guests-musicians, who took part in recording of the album, are:

Andrew Smirnov ("Master", "Everlost") recorded the solo to a title track of the album, and also he made some keyboard arrangements.
Alexander Dronov ("Valkyrie", "End Zone", "The Dynasty of the Devoted") recoded and arranged most part of the keyboard parts for the album. He appreciably enriched and modernized the band's sounding by that.
The guitarist of the Belgian Modern-Death-Metal band "In-Quest" Douglas Verhoeven became a special guest in the CD. He recorded the solo to the song "Controlled by hate".

The design of the CD is done at the highest levels by the famous Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes, who worked with such giants of the metal stage as Gus G, "Firewind", "Nightrage", "Tribuzy" (the project with the participation of Bruce Dickinson from "Iron Maiden"), "Cryptopsy", "SonicSyndicate", "God Forbid", "Almah", "Krisiun" and many others. The artist carried out great work and consequently an idea of each song is reflected in separate illustration in the booklet. It lets a listener plunge into the music and mood of the album more deeply.

On March 30th, 2009 the album was releasedby Russian Indie label Mazzar Records.